Family association
Danziger Welttreffen 2014
Danzig 2006

The family association von Groddeck - Groddeck was founded in 1929 and refounded in 1997.


The objects are research of family history, taking care of good family sense and promotion of family members. This is done by annual reunions and newsletters. There will be no politics, religion or business.

Different writings of the name

The writing Groddeck, Groddek, Grodeck, Grodek happend in old times by mistakes in church records, own changes or by german and polish history.


The oldest known ancestor is Stanislaus (Stanislaw) Groddeck, born at the end of the 16th century in Silesia. Because of the first and last name, we believe that the family is of polish origin. Stanislaus was married to Sophia (Sofia) Rutt (Ruth?) and had to leave Silesia early 17th century for religios reasons with his son Albrecht (Albertum), born 1610. The family lived in and arround Gdansk.


Are you interested in more information or do you want to become a member, contact:

Albrecht Groddeck
Vöcklinger Hang 10

D-45131 Essen

+ 49 - 201 - 265495